What we do

Learn more about the Global Affiliate Zone Platform, What we do, and our lucrative Affiliate and Compensation Program


Global Affiliate Zone is a community with likeminded people, where we offer training on how to effectively perform affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a “partnership” between you and an affiliate company where you market their products and services. In return, the affiliate company pays out a percentage of sales in the form of affiliate commissions for your marketing efforts.

We teach you proven marketing strategies that work, that you can implement into any affiliate program online. On top of that, we share in-demand products and services you can start to market right away as affiliates of Global Affiliate Zone, where we pay you commissions. These are products that we and other members of our community are actively marketing online.

We offer an “earn while you learn opportunity”, where you can start to market our services and get paid for your successful efforts.

The only requirement on your part, is to advertise and market our done-for-you websites where we offer our services, where we then take care of the rest of the customer experience and marketing processes like custom follow up email sequences, marketing materials, coaching processes, sales and follow up, and we also offer a mastermind community for the customers you have generated.

Global Affiliate Zone is primarily focused on a single product, our GAZ PRO Membership.

GAZ PRO Membership costs $99.00/month, and pays out a 30% affiliate commission for every month the customer renews their subscription. This 30% commission is $29.70/month. (paid bi-monthly, after the 14 day refund policy has passed, for as long as the customer stays active.)

As an example, if a new affiliate were to sell one GAZ PRO Membership to a new customer, they would receive their 30% commission of $29.70, paid out on the next bi-monthly pay cycle, after the new customer has kept their subscription active for 14 days.

  • To help keep the integrity of our affiliate program at the highest standards, we require all affiliates to also be customers of our GAZ PRO Membership.
  • We also suggest other back end affiliate offers, based on a customer’s needs that come out of our unique coaching process.

Inside of Global Affiliate Zone, we have all the help you need and we have made it very easy and accessible, to ensure you always get answers to your questions right away.

Some of our support includes:

  • A very active Facebook mastermind group with over 7,000 members for you to mastermind with bounce Ideas off and ask questions. (This is an amazing resource because at any given moment, we have dozens, even hundreds of others jumping on live and helping people.)
  • 1 hour weekly “Tech Tuesday” webinar to train on tech and advertising related questions along with a live Q&A.
  • 1 hour Wednesday night mastermind where we bring out success stories from new members, with a main focus on personal development and mindset. We also will bring out 1-2 members and do live coaching with them and help them figure out what their biggest struggles are and help them get to that next step. (while the entire community benefits, because many of them are facing the exact same issues)
  • Back office support where you can submit a ticket 24/7 and receive an answer within 24-48 hours.

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