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Webinar Highlight Reels

Each week we host 3 live training webinars for our community. Below you will find highlight reels of these replays so you can get a small taste of just how valuable they are.

Why Go The Extra Mile When You Can Take The Extra Step? (Transformational Tuesday’s Ep. #10)

This episode will hold up a mirror to how you show up as an entrepreneur and guide you into becoming a detailed marketer.

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Freedom In The Heart – Discovering Your Unique Abilities And Shedding The Rest (Transformational Tuesday’s Ep. #9)

You may be wearing all of the hats in your business – copywriter, videographer, ad agency, sales rep and closer. Learn how to strategically do ONLY the things you’re great at in order to move closer to freedom in your heart.

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Principles Of Radical Achievement (Transformational Tuesday’s Ep. #8)

Learn how to align yourself with a process of producing results inside of your business with special influencer, Todd Campbell.

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The Wallet Audit – Setting Your Preconditions For An Avalanche Of Wealth (Transformational Tuesday’s Ep. #7)

“It’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep.” This episode uniquely shows you how to magnify the meaning and gain comfortability with your financial storehouse. Prepare for an avalanche a wealth.

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Chiseling Into Happiness And Fulfillment Inside Of Your Work (Transformational Tuesdays Ep. #6)

After years of discovery, Landon and Stapes share a prized super-principle on what it takes to develop fulfillment inside of your work. Plot twist: hacking your bliss makes you a better entrepreneur.

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